Helping businesses benefit from technology advances

Business Support by BD3T

The use of tools and techniques to accelerate creativity are integral to the work of bd3T, to help small and medium sized businesses to manage the creation of new products, processes and services.



Supporting R&D to match up with industry

R&D through BD3T

bd3T has brought new product developments to market, often by commercialisation of research. bd3T has proven expertise to help these opportunities impact upon manufacturing process.



Client Benefit Case Studies

Blue Sky Thinking by BDT3T

The bd3T approach links like-minded people to achieve common goals, think out-of-the-box and across borders, with multi-disciplined activity to achieve win:win, valued and beneficial progress.



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bd3t’s Patrick Eaton explains how his concept of “Commercialising research and facilitating New Product Development” can be achieved by bd3t. Find how by clicking the More button




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Business development Through Technology Transfer: bd3T has proven capabilities that make manufacturing prosper – using emerging technologies and business development to help manufacturers to improve their business technologies.


Exploitation of Research and Development

  • Technology discoveries engaged with market demand
  • Customer approvals demonstrations and prototypes
  • Partnering agreements, licensing and first orders
  • Research into development opportunities arising