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Are you too busy to spot, grasp and exploit methods of achieving progress from new ideas? It may be that collaboration could provide sufficient resources to make progress and move on those pet projects? Consider a partner to make your ideas work.

Achievement of Common Goals

The bd3T approach links like-minded people together to help achieve common goals and think out-of-the-box and across borders, throughout multi-disciplined areas of activity so that collaborative efforts win:win and produce valued and beneficial progress. Supply Chains and Partnerships are terms for collaboration that require trust in close working relationships, greater effectiveness and achievement through team effort in striving for commercial success.

Commercialisation Of Research bd3T for R&D Commercialisation Case Study

Commercialisation of a principle of physics > ready for licensing and spin-out business. Created market demand for a novel, counter-intuitive technology that reduces the environmental impact of noise and reduces energy consumption.

“The project resulted in several new opportunities and various and varied applications for prototypes, leading to licence opportunities.”

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Service Provider Profile

bd3T assist supply chains to gain strength from joint business developments and the successful adoption of inventions and ideas. The resources required to achieve this can often be supported by regional and national initiatives and bd3T maintains accreditations so that these opportunities can be utilised.

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b3dT helps Non Destructive Testing services company taps new business opportunities

NDTTo meet growth objectives and extend the scope of their services, NDT Services were keen to develop new manufacturing technology applications, including extending their composite carbon, glass and bonded assemblies testing capabilities. In addition, they required additional technology resource to meet market demand and continue their development of high level service provision. NDT Services knew of bd3T through industrial engagement events, and decided to engage bd3T on the strength of their industrial contacts, as well as their broad practical and theoretical experience of testing technologies, including Shearography.

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“We wanted to evaluate the latest testing equipment technologies so that we were better prepared to assist and advise existing and future customers with composite testing solutions.” Phil Morris, Operations Director, NDT Services

bd3T Roadshows help exploit emerging micro has most benefited XGEN & nanotechnologies (MNT)


Examples of collaborative activities include bd3T Roadshows, typically, such as when emerging Micro and Nano technologies (MNT) are presented to and discussed within small groups of companies and/or individuals. Such meetings have produced tangible outcomes, involving new processes, joint company developments and multiplied inter-trading where unsatisfied opportunities and needs existed previously.

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“The service that Patrick of bd3T provides – and the types of event he organizes – are ideal in getting the MNT message over to the industry”. Dr. Robert Hoyle, BDM, MSL

bd3T help a food producer automate and save 800 miles of road transport

vegetablesExample of where this happened lies in the development of a vegetable processing machine. An unlikely but beneficial union of an engineer, an inventor, a farmer and food processing experts who successfully saved 800 miles of food transport and automated a labour intensive operation.

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“From the East Midlands Regional perspective it was a success story.” Sean Maguire, MD, Sapcote Engineering

bd3T help R&D eminate extend their market reach

r@dR&D firm, eminate, were looking to extend the market reach of a new technology they had been developing for the orthopaedic sector.  Alternative applications were needed for a treatment technology that had high performance properties, of potential value to a diversity of market sectors. eminate wanted to demonstrate how this new technology could be applied to satisfy a broader range of customer requirements.  The markets they wished to target included medicine and healthcare diagnostics, mass production food processes, military and textile products – with the aim of developing practical, effective and cost-effective solutions for large and small businesses alike. eminate contracted bd3T to help them connect with their potential markets – to promote and commercialise durable surface treatments.

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“bd3Ts expertise in understanding the market potential for our technical engineering services and their ability to engage appropriate individuals in organisations for whom that need will have greatest impact has been invaluable.”  Roger Carline CEO, eminate Ltd

Original Equipment manufacturers often find inspiration from their supply chains and have found value from bd3T when managing risk and cost of change.