Far too many UK manufacturing companies don’t realise that the R&D Tax Credit scheme is relevant to their business.  They are oblivious to the fact that the clever in-house development work they undertake qualifies for R&D Tax Credit funding.  Find out more now.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief is a Corporation Tax related EU government initiative that provides below the bottom line cash for the risk taken by manufacturers. It is a key method of rewarding manufacturers and encouraging innovation and invention. Find out more now.

bd3t provides the technical justification for company’s claims to maximise the claim opportunity for research and development tax credits. Hence it is possible to achieve greater claims than may be achieved by financial, non technical professionals – to find out how call us now on 0789 9998719 or contact us now.

Scientific innovation arising from many R&D institutions is often needed to test the market or find commercial sales for new products and processes. The development of novel and creative technologies is a specialism of bd3T who can help find relevant markets, manufacturers and/or licensors. bd3T has experience of establishing contacts that make it simpler for scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs to find and engage with such opportunities that would benefit UK plc and beyond. This can be done on the basis of one-2-one, small or large group meetings or events to suit your needs and wants. Find out more now