Essential Information

R&D Tax Credits is technically justified funding that rewards companies for taking risk in their developments. It applies to all EU companies but most favourably those defined SME (500 employees and circa £85M T/over). This is an EU fund that effectively rewards for R&D that a company undertakes, via a financial lift totalling of eligible costs. Payment of successful claims appears below the ‘bottom line’. Our service is chargeable dependent solely upon a successful claim and has a 100% success record of maximising claims. Previously, we have at least doubled what accountants have claimed on behalf of their clients.

  • It can be backdated for 2 years and provides £43,000 on average for UK companies to spend as they desire (UK average SME is £2-3M t/over and 25-30 employees)
  • The scheme will run until 2020, at least, and has run since 2002 in formats with less incentives than those currently.
  • It is claimable by any manufacturer, industrial, software etc. regardless of them being in a profit or loss making situation.
  • The developments do not have to have been successful.
  • Large enterprises or those receiving ‘State Aid funding’ can only claim 30% of eligible costs but often of a larger sum.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief is a Corporation Tax related EU government initiative that provides below the bottom line cash for the risk taken by manufacturers. It is a key method of rewarding manufacturers and encouraging innovation and invention.

bd3T provide technical justification of client’s work and partner with RandD UK Ltd to provide the full ‘cradle to grave’ support through the claim process.

Research & Development tax credits are not confined to only high technology companies and it may be possible for companies in a range of industry sectors such as:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Software

bd3t specialises in the following disciplines associated with R&D Tax Credits:

  • Identifying clever ideas
  • Technical justification
  • R&D justification
  • R&D claims support/help/advice/guidance
  • Patent, Patent Box, Design Right, Copyright, Registered Design
  • Partnership, collaboration, joined up thinking, synergy
  • Collective problem solving
  • Maximising opportunities for manufacturing
  • Property in manufacturing

bd3t provides the technical justification for company’s claims to maximise the claim opportunity for research and development tax credits. Hence it is possible to achieve greater claims than may be achieved by financial, non technical professionals – to find out how call us now on 0789 9998719 or contact us now.