Product Test Data

Click Here Buttonbd3T specialises in the analysis of product test data.  Product test data is increasingly providing product and process in-service information that optimises designs, the decisive stages of a successful product’s life. Hence through feedback loops better performance satisfies expectations.

Particularly relevant to the increasing scope of applications for metallic and plastic composites and the need to prove bond integrity of jointed assemblies. Applied across industry sectors, bd3T has won orders for new product developments used in aerospace, nuclear, marine, civil, food, rail and automotive product applications.

Ability to test and analyse designs under dynamic ‘live’ conditions, non contact and non destructively, using instruments sensitive at the micro/nano scale is particularly useful. Identification of stress raisers and strain effects in products and the full extent of damage, or repair integrity, have proven Shearography speckle-interferometer vision systems and increased the volume and quality of useful data.