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  • Idea or technology that you want to get to market?
  • Pet project you cannot bring into reality?
  • Seeking a technology solution for your opportunity?
  • Have a technology that seeks a user or customer?
  • Route to market blocked by the inconveniences of everyday life?
  • Contact bd3T now if you have answered yes to any of the above!

This is an area of expertise where bd3T excel.  We have the enthusiasm and desire to see manufacturing prosper and help others in their chosen route to bring those ideas into contact with growing demands for perfection in sustainable, least impact, most convenient ways.

Whether you are seeking a customer or emerging technology solutions to satisfy customer demand, bd3T has unique talents and resources to help you, as we have helped so many.

Patrick Eaton CEng MSc MIEDPatrick Eaton – Principal of bd3T

The Principal of bd3T is Patrick Eaton, a Chartered Engineer through the Institution of Engineering Designers (, with an MSc in Global Product Development Management (Derby).

Patrick founded his career as a tooling engineer with an eye for a clever idea. His career followed a design and development engineering route across industry sectors, developing strong ties with industry and a powerful contact database. His marketing flair arose from his enthusiasm to see UK manufacturing prosper.

“My philosophy follows a sustainability route, taking the lead from nature’s own first class technologies, transferring ideas and processes already proven elsewhere, and then applied, for the benefit and advancement of manufacturing industry.”

Research into Successful Adoption of New Technology

Commissioned research involving bd3T showed that SMEs are often the first successful adopters of new technology. It is the flexibility and responsiveness of SME and bd3T alike that has made them capable of change for the better and emerging as technology leaders.

Our aim is to improve business performance through leading edge technology solutions, significantly in the creation of new or developed products, processes and related services within industry and the research knowledge base.

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their Supply Chains in the UK and Europe, as well as academic spin-out companies, and have taken the lead in many innovative engineering and manufacturing developments. bd3T success stories include: