Product Development – Solution Innovator

Idea or technology that you want to get to market?   Seeking a technology solution for your opportunity? There is a constant and growing demand for new ideas to satisfy our passions and cure our ills.  At the same time there is also a real issue finding those same needy and wanting customers who are sometimes not open to new unproven technologies.

bd3T has brought new product developments to market, often by commercialisation of research.  These opportunities usually impact upon manufacturing process and here, bd3T has proven expertise.

bd3T has led the commercialisation of emerging technologies of new product developments (NPD) into market ready state, throughout the process of Stage Gate development management to winning first orders.

New business developments have thus advanced traditional industries and taken them into new markets and higher margin opportunities. This has considered and addressed the following:

  • Click Here ButtonIntellectual Property (IP) and protection of novel inventions and design rights.
  • Standards and Quality Management System compliance. 
  • Testing and validation for proving benefits, to manage risk of outcomes and justify cost of change.

See our case studies to see how we can help your business exploit opportunities:

Commercialising Energy Measurement Instrument

working with scientists to help them identify and exploit market potential for a new product development with potential extensive benefits to transportation and reduction in sustainable energy resources >> Read More

Novel Noise Barrier Technology

Commercialisation of a principle of physics ready for licensing and spin-out business.  Created market demand for a novel, counter-intuitive technology that reduces the environmental impact of noise and reduces energy consumption   >> Read More

Testing house taps into new business opportunities

A Non Destructive Testing (NDT) house won new business, received enquiries from new sectors, increased the scope of services and raised their profile – by identifying and responding to customer needs.  >> Read More

R&D firm wins over food sector

An R&D firm extended the market reach of a new technology, which had high performance properties of potential value to a diversity of market sectors, including the food sector.    >> Read More

Manufacturing consortium exploits micro and nanotechnology

A consortium of some of the UK’s top advanced manufacturing and MNT organizations are working together to exploit emerging micro and nanotechnologies (MNT) and showcase world-class research, development and production facilities.   >> Read More

Food engineering consortium develops UK’s first sprout processing machine

A consortium of British scientists and agricultural companies put their heads together to develop a machine that would process Brussel Sprouts for the ‘ready to cook’ market in the UK, with the potential of saving 800 food miles.    >> Read More

Product Test Data

Product test data is increasingly providing product and process in-service information that optimises designs, the decisive stages of a successful product’s life. Hence through feedback loops better performance satisfies expectations.    >> Read More